Kid’s Tablet Cases That Actually Stand up to Use and Abuse

A young girl using a tablet that is in one of the best kid's tablet cases to keep it safe.

After this holiday season, you may find yourself hunting for kid’s tablet cases.

You haven’t spent all that money buying the latest electronic tablet for your child only to find it in tatters on the floor. It may feel inevitable that at some point, that glorious electronic gadget may find itself tumbling to the ground.

A good quality, sturdy tablet case offers peace of mind, even if your children suffer from the dropsies. Furthermore, with the event of homeschooling during the pandemic, tablets form a vital and necessary part of the learning process.

Consequently, you need to protect the precious equipment from damage and need to find the best tablet cases for kids.

Kid’s Tablet Cases

No-one wants to see their hard-earned money crash to the floor in a shower of glass and electronics. Consequently, the best kid’s tablet cases form a protective shield around the tablet to save it from those inevitable falls.

When you consider the expense of replacing a tablet, buying a protective case feels like a small investment by comparison.

Tablet cases for kids come in a variety of colors and shapes. The iPad 2 Case for kids from TopEsct offers a sturdy solution in vibrant pink with handy handles made for small hands.

Alternatively, the iPad Case for Kids from CHINFAI in blue provides superb protection with handles and embossed letter decoration.

However, you may need to find 7-inch tablet cases for kids. The Kindle Fire 7 Case from Dinines comes in various colors and proves perfect for those smaller devices.

Alternatively, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO provides superb protection.

The Importance of the Tablet

The concept of the electronic tablet is older than you think. An American scientist named Alan Kay came up with an idea called the Dynabook back in 1972.

He envisioned a personal computing device for children that functioned similarly to a computer.

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When the first iPad appeared in 2010, it revolutionized personalized computing to become one of the must-have items on the market. Since then, the iPad’s evolution has seen numerous iterations to become ever more sophisticated and ever more desirable.

It is hard to adequately state how profoundly technology has changed our lives and how we interact with the world. From social media to shopping, the humble tablet continues to transform our lives.

A whole new world

From reading to learning, the tablet forms an essential part of a child’s home development. The pandemic means that many of us choose to homeschool our children, and for many young students, the tablet forms an essential part of that process.

Tablets don’t come cheap. Some households may find themselves lucky enough to have more than one device, while others only have one. Consequently, protecting your precious equipment from slippery fingers remains a priority.

A mom and daughter look at a tablet that is protected by one of the best kid's tablet cases.

The Best Kid’s Tablet Cases

The type of tablet case you purchase depends on the model of tablet you own. If your child uses an Amazon Fire Tablet, you need to buy a case that fits that model.

The same applies to an iPad in all its iterations. You need to consider the tablet’s brand and size before you acquire the case, or it may not fit.

A successful case should shield the tablet from falls. If your child drops the tablet on the floor, the case protects the screen against shattering and prevents shock damage to the electronics inside the device.

Furthermore, the best tablet cases for kids fit perfectly into their small hands.


You need a tough and robust case to protect your tablet. While a smart leather-bound cover looks good and feels good to use, it may not offer sufficient protection from the little monsters in the home.

Consequently, look for a case made from a durable material such as silicone that protects the device’s edges and frame. A thin, pretty cover just won’t cut it.

Buttons and fingerprints

Whatever case you choose, make sure it allows the user to use any buttons on the tablet. You don’t want to use a cover that conceals any vital controls. Buying a protective cover designed for your specific model of tablet ensures that any essential controls remain accessible.

A tablet with sturdy handles helps to protect the screen against fingerprints. At some point, your child may use the tablet while eating, and we all know where that may lead, so using a cover with handles helps with the sticky finger issues.

If the child holds the tablet using the handles, you may spare the screen a wet wipe tidy up.

Our List of the Best Kid’s Tablet Cases

We have scoured the world of cases to find some of the best products for your money. Each case comes with many positive customer reviews to provide you with peace of mind with every purchase.

The end-user remains a vital source of information with any product because they have the experience of using the product. Consequently, the positive experience of other users gives us peace of mind when we purchase.

iPad 2 Case for kids

The iPad 2 Case for kids from TopEsct fits the iPad 2, 3, and 4 generations to provide superb shockproof protection for your devices. You may purchase the cover in a variety of colors.

The unique design consists of high-quality silicone soft gel that proves non-slip with anti-dust properties. Furthermore, the scratch-resistant frame proves easy to install and easy to wipe clean.

Moreover, the case features drop resistant and shockproof properties to provide extreme protection.

The durable cover protects the back and boasts durable, comfortable, child-friendly handles for easy carrying. The precision cut-outs allow for precise use of all the iPad’s features.

A sturdy stand built into the back of the case allows the tablet to stand freely on many surfaces, and a tempered glass screen protector shields the screen and protects against grubby fingerprints.

iPad 2 Case for Kids,TopEsct Shockproof Silicone Handle Stand Case Cover&(Tempered Glass Screen Protector) for Apple iPad 2nd Generation,iPad 3rd Generation,iPad 4nd Generation (Pink)
  • Unique Silicone Design High Quality Silicone Soft Gel Childproof Case fits for Apple iPad 2nd...
  • Built with kids friendly silicone materials, non-slip, anti-dust and scratch-free; easy to install, remove, wash and...
  • This Kid Friendly, Child Proof Durable Covers Protect the Back as well as the Side while Still Maintaining Light Weight
  • The precise cut-outs enable you to enjoy all of its features, while it is fully protected against impacts and scratches
  • What is in the package: 1 x silicone case; 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector.1 x Lanyard

iPad Case for Kids

The excellent iPad Case for Kids from CHINFAI comes in various colors designed to fit 5th generation iPads. A thick, sturdy frame made from food-grade silicone materials ensures superb drop-proof and shock-resistant protection for your device.

The impact-resistant silicone provides a unique cushioning effect grid structure design, which offers superior protection against drops and impact. Furthermore, the corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection.

The stand proves self-supporting because of the creative foot design and features robust, convenient grip handles with embossed letter detail.

CHINFAI iPad Case for Kids, iPad 2017 2018 9.7 inch Case/iPad Pro/iPad Air 1 2 Cute Cartoon Case, Shockproof Silicone Protective Cover with Self Stand [BPA Free][Side Handles] (Blue)
  • CHINFAI Original Design [Cartoon Robot Series] Kids Friendly Case fits for iPad (5th Generation) A1822/A1823, iPad (6th...
  • Food-grade silicone materials that ensure your children's safety
  • Constructed from impact-resistant silicone material and unique cushioning effect grid structure design, which provides...
  • Self-stand case for iPad 9.7 inch tablet, the feet works as a stand , do not need to hold, keeps your hands free
  • Grip handles are perfect for little hands; Easy to clean, washed directly with water

Kindle Fire 7 Case

Kindle Fire 7 Case,Fire Tablet 7 Case,Amazon Fire 7 Case for Kids-Dinines Kids Shock Proof Protective Cover Case for Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (Compatible with 2019&2015&2017 Release)

The Kindle Fire 7 Case from Dinines comes in a selection of colors and fits the 5th and 7th generation of Amazon Fire tablets.

Dinines use a dense, heavy-duty EVA foam material that withstands considerable wear and tear together with extreme shock protection.

The lightweight yet durable case covers the back and sides while extending above the tablet’s surface to keep the screen safe from scratches if laid on its surface. Furthermore, the robust carrying handle provides a secure anti-slip grip.

Precision cut-outs give clear access to the tablet’s buttons and ports, while cut-outs for the speakers sit in the back of the case together with a hole for the rear camera. The case features a convenient pop-out stand to prop up the device on many types of surfaces.

Kindle Fire 7 Case,Fire Tablet 7 Case,Amazon Fire 7 Case for Kids-Dinines Kids Shock Proof Protective Cover Case for Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (Compatible with 2019&2015&2017 Release)
  • All-New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Case Compatible with 5th Generation 2015 / 7th Generation 2017- Design specifically for...
  • Made with dense heavy duty EVA foam, material can withstand considerable wear and tear and provide extreme shock...
  • Thick foam fully covers the back, sides and extends above the surface of the All-New Amazon Fire 7 (7th Generation, 2017...
  • Cut outs for clear access to all-new Fire 7 2017/2015 buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera,Best multipurpose stand...
  • Large handle designed for comfortable one handed grip (suitable for small children's hands) for easy carry and travel.,...

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Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch

If you want a 7-inch tablet case for kids, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO proves ideal. The case comes in a variety of vibrant colors designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch.

The case features a tough and durable finish constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate, double-reinforced with a shock-absorbing silicone inner sleeve. Furthermore, the corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and impacts.

A smart feature arrives in the form of a handle that flips to double up as a convenient stand. Furthermore, the precision cut-outs ensure you can continue to enjoy all the tablet controls and features.

BMOUO Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 Inch - ShockProof Case Light Weight Kids Case Super Protection Cover Handle Stand Case for Children for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch Tablet - Rose
  • BMOUO Exclusively Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 inch 2016 Release Tablet SM-T113NYKAXAR
  • Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve....
  • Fun Driven Covertible Stand Case Can Change in To A Handle for Easy Handling and Carrying Around (School/Home).
  • Lightweight, durable Hazard Free Material Perfect for Kids of all Ages
  • Watch movies on the go with convertible stand that converts into easy to use carrying case

Kids Case for RCA Voyager 7 Inch Tablet

The Kids Case for RCA Voyager 7 Inch Tablet from AVAWO comes in several bright colors suitable for all RCA Voyager 7-inch tablet versions.

The case features a durable, heavy-duty EVA foam construction to protect against shocks and bumps. Double thick padding protects the corners while the durable build resists dust and scratches.

A crystal-clear screen protector built into the case covers the tablet display to enhance the tablet screen’s longevity. It allows for responsive capacitive touch while keeping the screen immaculate.

The convenient built-in stand allows for use on many surfaces, while the robust carrying handle provides a firm, anti-slip grip.

AVAWO Kids Case for RCA Voyager 7inch Tablet (I/II/III)- with Built-in Screen Protector - Shockproof Light Weight Stand Case for 7inch RCA Voyager I/II/III/Pro Android Tablet, Blue
  • ❥Compatible with all versions RCA Voyager 7" / Voyager II 7" / Voyager III RCA 7"( RCT6973W43MDN ) / RCA Voyager Pro...
  • ❥RCA Voyager 7 kids case with durable, heavy duty EVA foam, shock-resistant prevents bumps, dust, and scratches from...
  • ❥RCA Voyager 7 kids case with crystal-clear, fully integrated screen protector fits over top tablet display | Allows...
  • ❥RCA Voyager 7 kids case is made from high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam material with rugged surface for a firm grip.
  • ❥Kids are known for being rough with their toys, protect your RCA Voyager 7 from rambunctious little hands with this...

Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case

The Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case from HALOWAY proves suitable for the iPad 7th and 8th generation tablets. You may also use the case for the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

The case features a shockproof anti-fall back cover made from soft silicone rubber and environmentally friendly rigid polycarbonate. Polymer sponges inside the case dramatically improve the cushioning protection of the case.

The unique design comes in a variety of funky colors and patterns. Furthermore, a unique adjustable stand built into the reverse allows you to use and watch your tablet from many angles.

iPad Case 10.2/10.5 Adjustable Hybrid Three Layer Heavy Duty Kids Case Shockproof Anti-Fall for iPad 7th Generation 2019/iPad 8th Generation 2020/iPad Air 3rd Generation 2019/iPad Pro 2017(Pink Camo)
  • 【Strong Compatibility】2020 Apple iPad 8th generation 10.2-in (Model: A2270 / A2428 / A2429 / A2430)And 2019 Apple...
  • 【Adjustable Kickstand】With Adjustable Hybrid Three Layer Heavy Duty Kids Case with Shockproof Anti-Fall The back...
  • 【Unique Design】 Full access to all features (Cameras, Speaker, Ports and Buttons), Drop Resistant,Shock...
  • 【Perfect Protection】Soft rubber silicone + environmentally-friendly rigid polycarbonate plastic protects your tablet...
  • 【After-sales Service】 Order today and get a free warranty for 12 months. If you have questions please contact us at...

3D Butterfly Case for Kids

The 3D Butterfly Case for Kids from Simicoo comes in various colors suitable for the 7th and 8th generation of iPad tablets. The case derives from a durable, heavy-duty EVA foam, which proves lightweight and water-resistant while offering 360-degree body protection.

The shock-absorbing, robust case features a unique butterfly design with adjustable wings that act as the stand. Double-layer thick silicone protects the corners from falls while the case sits 3mm higher than the screen to act as a screen bumper.

Precision cut-outs allow for continued use of all your iPad features, including the speakers and camera.

Simicoo iPad 7 8 10.2 3D Cute Butterfly Case for Kids Light Weight EVA Stand Shockproof Rugged Heavy Duty Kids Friendly iPad Cover for Kids iPad 10.2 iPad 7th 8th (Rose)
  • ☆This item compatible with model: iPad 8th/7th Generation 10.2 inch (2020/2019 release...
  • ☆Material: Made with durable heavy duty EVA foam. Light weight, wear-resistant, shockproof, environmentally friendly,...
  • ☆ The unique butterfly wings designed as a stand: the butterfly's wings are adjustable stand that allows the baby to...
  • ☆ Full body protector EVA foam . The EVA design is 3 mm higher than the screen and is equipped with a shock-absorbing...
  • ☆ Gifts for children. Maybe you are looking for a sturdy iPad case for your baby. Lightweight, strong protection, easy...

Tablet Case for Galaxy Tab A

The Tablet Case for Galaxy Tab A from Timecity comes in various vivid colors designed for the Galaxy Tab A models. The case offers superior protection with 3 layers of front and back. It features 1-layer soft silicone and a 2-layer hard PC front frame and back cover.

A 360-degree rotatable foldable stand offers multiple angles of usage while maintaining a comfortable view. Furthermore, the adjustable hand strap provides a secure, convenient grip.

The case features an adjustable, removable strap, and the heavy-duty construction protects against bumps and shocks. Precision cut-outs enable the use of the tablet’s features.

Timecity Tablet Case for Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (Only Fit SM-T290/T295/T297 2019 Release), Tablet Case Protector with Rotating Stand Screen Protector Handle Shoulder Strap, Black/Light Blue
  • [Model Fits] Designed exclusively for Galaxy Tab A 8.0"2019 Release (SM-T290/SM-T295) without S Pen. NOT compatible with...
  • [Superior Protection with Screen Protector] 3-layer total front-and-back protection case, combined with 1-layer soft...
  • [360°Rotatable Stand & Hand Strap & Convenient Pencil Holder] 360°Rotatable foldable stand offers multiple angles for...
  • [Removable & Adjustable Shoulder Strap] The adjustable and removable shoulder strap helps you carry your tablet...
  • [Convenient Pencil Holder] Designed with a pencil holder, you will avoid the trouble finding your pen.

Kids Case for Lenovo from TeeFity

The Kids Case for Lenovo from TeeFity comes in several bright colors designed for the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3-inches. It features a built-in screen protector to protect against scratches.

The case uses thick foam to encase the back and sides and extends above the screen for added protection. It proves shockproof and provides superb protection against drops and accidents. An anti-slip handle offers a firm grip for easy carrying.

The case features a built-in kickstand, which allows for multiple angles and viewing on many surfaces. Furthermore, the precision cut-outs allow for easy access to the speakers and buttons.

TeeFity Kids Case for Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 10.3 inch Case, Shockproof Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3 Kids Case with Built in Screen Protector for Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3 2020 Tablet, Green
  • [Compatibility]: Only designed for the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3" FHD Android 2020 tablet (Model:TB-X606F/TB-X606X). Not...
  • [Built in Screen Protector]: This Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 10.3 inch Case with built-in screen protector, fully...
  • [Full Protection]: Thick foam fully covers the back, sides and extends above the surface of the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus...
  • [Built-in Kickstand]: LenovoTab M10 Plus 10.3 Kids Case with built in kickstand, allows you to set up multiple angles.
  • [Easy Access]: All Ports, buttons and speakers have precise cut-outs for easy access. Form fit feature protects back and...

Fire 7 Kids Case

The Fire 7 Kids Case from MENZO comes in various bright colors suitable for the Amazon Fire 7 7th and 9th generation.

The case features robust carrying handles and a foldable stand. The case is constructed from heavy-duty, non-toxic EVA material, which withstands considerable wear and tear to provide extreme shock protection. It includes a shoulder strap for convenient transportation.

Precision cut-outs allow for precise use of the tablet’s functions, rear camera, and speakers.

MENZO Kids Case for All-New Fire 7 2019, Light Weight Shockproof Shoulder Strap Handle Stand Case for Fire 7 Inch (Compatible with 9th Generation 2019 / 7th Generation 2017) - Red
  • This kids-friendly case is specially designed for Fire 7 inch tablet (Compatible with 9th Generation 2019 / 7th...
  • Best multipurpose stand case with carrying handles and foldable stand, it can stand up on it's own two feets on the back
  • Made with dense heavy duty kid-safe non-toxic EVA material, which withstand considerable wear and tear and provide...
  • Included shoulder strap makes it easy to comfortably hang over the shoulder & even hang the case up on a car seat...
  • Easy access to all buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera

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Kid’s Tablet Cases Explored

When we spend our hard-earned money on a tablet for our kids, we don’t want to see it smashed on the floor because of an accident. Buying a kid’s tablet case may prove one of the best investments you make. Our list of kid’s tablet cases solves the problem.

The Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case from HALOWAY provides superior protection for your device while giving your tablet a child-friendly, funky appearance.

Alternatively, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO proves the ideal choice to protect against unforeseen accidents.

Whichever kid’s tablet case you choose, it remains essential to check that your model fits the case before you purchase. Kids tablet cases may save your device and save you money and heartache in the long run.

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