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Women using ipad

Who Invented The Tablet: Things You Should Know

Tablet computers are a common sight in everyday life for most people, but few individuals know who invented the tablet and how it has...
Person using a black tablet

An Honest Review of the Huawei Mediapad m3 Lite 10

​The Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite 10, an Android tablet with a generous 10.1-inch screen, offers four speakers, and the ability to send text messages...
Man usinga tablet near a coffee

What Are the Best Tablet Brands to Consider?

Tablets are an amazing invention, and for many people, they have become the only piece of technology that they use. But which of the many...
Man playing on a table

Best Gaming Tablets: The Ultimate Guide

It’s your nephew’s birthday, and your sister has hinted that he’d like a tablet to play Minecraft on this year. Or maybe your kid...
Photo of a smart keyboard near an ipad

Smart Keyboard: Everything You Need To Know

Anyone that uses their iPad for anything other than reading or browsing the web understands the painful process of typing using the onscreen keyboard....
tablet ipad read screen swipe

How to Clean Tablet Screens the Right Way

Whether we realize it or not, the handheld devices we use every day are some of the dirtiest things we will touch. We use...
Man is using a 10 Inch tablet while drinking a cup of coffee

Best 10 Inch Tablet to Purchase Today

Tablets have become ubiquitous in many households. They can be a great way to entertain your child and keep your cell phone off limits. Or...

Acer Iconia One 10 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Laptops are great tools to have for when you need a balance between power and mobility, but they aren’t always the best solution. If you...
Reading a story on tablet while drinking coffee

Top 10 Best Tablets for Reading: Everything You Need to Know

​Are you looking for your next e-reader to upgrade to? Check out our top choices for e-readers that you can choose from. There is little...

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