How to Clean Tablet Screens the Right Way

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Whether we realize it or not, the handheld devices we use every day are some of the dirtiest things we will touch. We use our touch tablet devices throughout the day, often without washing our hands. As such, dirt, sweat, oils and bacteria build up on the surface and crevices of the device. 

Often our touch screens go uncleaned because we worry that we will damage them if we clean them the wrong way. This concern is valid since every electronic device is different and there are ways you can accidentally permanently damage your tablet. 

Luckily, there are some universal guidelines you can follow when learning how to clean tablet screen. In this article, we provide you with the definitive right way for wiping down your device. We also give you some helpful maintenance tips for maintaining your tablet device. Let us take a look!

The Best Way of Cleaning Tablet Screens

If you want to clean your tablet device, then you will need two things: two microfiber cloths (one for spraying and one for wiping) and antimicrobial spray or water. You can either purchase a touchscreen safe spray or use an alcohol mixture. However, we should note that there is some controversy here.

Some tablet touch screens do not react well with alcohol-based sprays. Indeed, many people do not recommend them. As such, you should consult the owner's manual before proceeding. If your tablet device does not allow any harsh cleaners, then we recommend using water.

However, more often than not a microfiber cloth is all you need for most screens. Once you decide which products you will need for cleaning, then you should locate your device and make sure it is unplugged and turned off. 

Once you turn the device off, then take the microfiber cloth and spray the antimicrobial spray onto the fabric. Make sure that you do not spray the product directly on to the tablet screen as this might leave chemical marks. Also, make sure when you spray the cloth not to get it too wet. 

The microfiber cloth should be damp, but not soaked through to the point of dripping. Alternatively, you can use a dry microfiber cloth as well. Now, wipe down the tablet screen. When you wipe your tablet device make sure you start at one side of the screen and work your way to the other. 

For instance start from left to right, or from up to down. Many people will often wipe in a circular motion. All this process does is rub the dirt and oil around the screen. 

You want to get it all off. When you wipe in one direction make sure you avoid any openings on the product like charging ports. The spray could damage these crucial parts. 

Once you wipe the screen allow the rubbed on the spray to sit for however long the instructions say you should leave it. Then wipe the remaining spray away with the clean microfiber product. Congratulations! Your tablet is now fresh, and you know how to clean a tablet screen the right way. 

You should try and do this whenever your tablet gets visibly dirty. However, a simple rub down with a dry microfiber cloth will suffice for a temporary clean. 

Once you finish cleaning your tablet’s screen, make sure that you take care of the microfiber cloth. Otherwise, when you use it for cleaning next time, it will just spread dirt and bacteria around on your device. 

You can clean the microfiber cloth by soaking it in a bowl of warm water with a little bit of added dish soap. Once you finish cleaning the fabric, then ring it out and hang it up to dry. DO not use any harsh cleaners or bleaching agents on the cloths or it will ruin the softness of the product.

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Tablet Maintenance

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Now that we know how to clean tablet screen the proper way let’s take a look at some other ways we can extend and improve the lifespan of our tablet device. We also include some advice for fixing your device if you accidentally drop it and the screen breaks.

How to Improve Tablet Battery Life

The battery on any device will degrade over time which is why old smartphones and tablets do not hold a charge for a very long period. While this gradual battery failure is unavoidable, there are steps you can take that will slow down this process. 

Following these steps will also make your battery last longer while you use it. First, you should turn down the brightness on your device. A high light kills a battery quickly, and during the day you probably do not need it. 

You should also disable notifications on your tablet. While these pop-ups can be a good reminder for things, it costs battery life every time your tablet activates with them. You should also close out of apps when you finish using them. Maybe people forget to do this step and leave multiple apps running. 

Another thing you can do that will save battery life on your tablet is turning off auto-updates. Whether you realize it or not your device needs to stay in-sync continuously when you activate this setting. It is also smart if you turn on the auto shutoff. This feature will turn your device off after a certain period of inactivity. You can adjust the time frame in the settings so that it fits your needs.

Also, if you are not using connections, like your wifi, or Bluetooth features, then turn them off. These things also drain the battery slowly, even when you are not using them. The same goes for specific applications. For example, Netflix uses a ton of battery life even when you do not use it.

Now we come to the charging section of battery life. Yes, even your charging habits affect the overall battery life of your device. In the past, people recommended letting your device die before charging it to provide the least amount of wear on the battery. However, now people recommend plugging your tablet into the outlet once it reaches between twenty-five and fifty percent battery life. Doing so will ensure a much longer battery life in the long run. 

Download the Latest Operating System for Your Tablet

When the tablet device you use comes out with an update to its operating system, then make sure you download it right away. Otherwise, your device might become prone to crashes, attacks or other problems depending on the update. 

Most of the time notification will inform you that update arrived. However, you can always check for one in the general settings of your device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before you begin the update on your operating system. 

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How Do Get Rid of Persistent Dirt and Grime

If you find that you need to keep cleaning your tablet over and over again, then you should consider getting a screen cover. These thin, plastic devices provide a layer of protection against dirt, dust, and oil. They also do not cost much money, so you can buy a couple and replace them as needed. 

How to Fix Broken Tablet Screen

If you or your child broke the tablet screen, then do not worry. There are a variety of options you can take to fix the screen. First, you should see if your manufacturer offers repair on the device. Often this form of repair comes with additional charges or falls under the protection of an insurance policy. 

If the company does not offer repairs, then you should try searching for a local repair shop that provides tablet screen repair services. There are a lot of them out there, but you should make sure that the one you goes to offers reliable services at a price that is not too steep.

Alternatively, if you are good with your hands and have a knowledgeable understanding of electronics, then you can try and repair the device yourself. Look online for affordable tablet screen repair kits if you want to try your luck at this method. 

However, if you find that none of these options are viable or affordable, then we recommend you buy a replacement tablet. It is not worth spending more money on repairs if it is cheaper buying a new device. 

We hope this article taught you everything you need to know about how to clean a tablet screen. Since you can pass germs can quickly when we neglect our filter for a while, cleaning your tablet device improves not only the user experience but also your overall health. As such, it is worth taking seriously. 

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