Tablet Car Mount: A Buyer’s Guide that Provides A List of the Best Ones

Tablets make life simpler and more fun. The same is true for cars. If you plan to drive your vehicle while using your tablet’s GPS or other features, though, you need to be certain you have a hands-free tool to hold the device. A tablet car mount allows you to take your tablet with you every time you hit the road.

As you may know, there are hundreds of tablet stands in general, and many tablet car mounts on the market today. Not every mount is a smart purchase, though. How do you know the difference? That’s where we come in. In this article, we review five of the best tablet mounts on sale today. Continue reading to see which mounts make our list.

Tablet Car Mount FAQ

To get the most out of our rankings, you must have a basic understanding of tablet mounts. Here are some common questions we get from consumers.

1. What Is a Tablet Car Mount?

Tablet car mounts are devices that attach to the inside of your vehicle. These tools securely hold your tablet or other personal electronic device in place while you drive. As such, your hands remain free to operate your vehicle. Meanwhile, your attention stays focused on navigating the road instead of driving your vehicle.

2. What Does a Tablet Car Mount Do?

Tablet mounts install inside your vehicle and hold your tablet. How you install the mount depends on the style of mount you purchase and the type of car you drive. Most mounts allow you to easily attach and remove your tablet.

3. Where Can You Buy a Tablet Car Mount?

You may purchase a tablet car mount anywhere electronics are sold. This includes both brick-and-mortar stores and online sellers. Commonly, consumers choose to purchase tablet mounts through a third-party vendor, such as Amazon. Depending on your shopping style, you may find a mount for your vehicle at a big-box store, consumer electronics outlet or automotive parts seller.

How We Reviewed Tablet Car Mounts

We know you work hard for your money. As such, you don’t want to spend valuable dollars on any product that isn’t a good investment. Since we take our obligation to provide you with honest, reliable and valuable information seriously, we carefully reviewed several tablet car mounts. Not only did we look at published marketing materials for each mount, we read through both professional and amateur reviews.

To earn a spot on our list, we expect tablet mounts to excel in the following areas:

  • Installation
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Style

In our quest to help you make an informed purchase, we ranked five devices based on the above factors. We also assigned a rating to each tablet car mount. These ratings are on a five-point scale. In addition to our one through five rankings, you can use our rating system to see how each mount compares to the one before and after it on our list.

While our rankings are comprehensive, they aren’t necessarily exhaustive. That is, you may find an excellent tablet car mount that failed to make our rankings. That’s okay. We hope you use the information in this review to know which questions to ask when purchasing your new automotive tablet holder.

The Best Tablet Car Mounts for 2018: Rankings, Ratings and Reviews

The Winner: DigitlMobile Robust Seat Bolt Tablet Car Mount Vehicle Swivel Cradle Mount Holder

No products found.

In our opinion, there is a clear standout in the crowded field of car tablet holders. The DigitlMobile Robust Seat Bolt Tablet Car Mount With Vehicle Swivel Cradle Mount Holder is the best of the best.

This holder features strong clamps that sit on top of a flexible 18-inch holder. This means you can point the tablet’s screen in any direction you choose. The DigitlMobile holder also bolts firmly to your vehicle using heavy-duty screws. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your tablet’s holder isn’t likely to come unhooked and damage your expensive electronic device. While see this as a clear selling point, you may not. When screwing this holder into place, you can expect to leave scratches or holes on the inside of your vehicle.

Because of the way this holder is designed, you can mount it virtually anywhere. Install this on your car’s floorboard, ceiling, seat base or somewhere else. Because this mount screws firmly in place, you don’t have to give up your cupholders or CD player to secure your tablet.

The DigitlMobile holder secures the largest devices of any holder we reviewed. In fact, this mount can hold tablets with a 12-inch screen on the diagonal. You don’t have to have a huge tablet for this mount to work, though. In fact, the DigitlMobile mount holds devices as small as 7 inches just as well as it does larger tablets.

The Runner-Up: Koomis CD-Air Tab CD Slot Universal Tablet PC Car Mount Holder

No products found.

Unlike the DigitlMobile car mount that screws into your vehicle’s interior, the Koomis CD-Air Tab CD Slot Universal Tablet PC Car Mount Holder leaves no car scars. Instead, this tablet holder easily installs in seconds using your vehicle’s CD slot.

Made with durable materials and strong construction, the Koomis CD-air tablet car mount pushes into the CD slot. When you are ready to remove the holder, simply pull it back out of the slot. Of course, the downside of the Koomis holder is that you can’t play CDs while you have the holder installed. Who listens to CDs nowadays anyway?

You may be concerned that your CD player will sustain damage if you use the Koomis holder. After all, even though you may not use your vehicle’s CD player often, you want it to stay in good shape. Fortunately, there is no evidence that this holder damages your CD slot or player. Rather, it gives you a hands-free way to use your tablet when you are behind the wheel.

The Koomis car tablet mount supports devices with diagonal screen measurements of up to 11 inches. In addition to your tablet, it holds GPS devices and smart phones. This feature makes the Koomis mount a versatile tool. It is also more affordable than the DigitlMobile device at the top of our list.

Tablet Car Mount #3: iKross 2-in-1 Adjustable Cup Mount Holder

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If you don’t want to screw into your vehicle’s interior or stuff something into its CD slot, the iKross 2-in-1 Adjustable Cup Mount Holder is a fantastic alternative. This device sits inside a cup holder and holds your tablet or smartphone. As such, you can quickly move this mount to the front or rear of your vehicle without much effort.

The iKross holder has a base that looks like the bottom of a fast-food cup. Attached to the base is a swivel arm that allows you to customize how you view your device. If you are thinking about purchasing the iKross mount, you must do some measuring first. This tablet holder only fits cup holders that are 3.75 inches in diameter. If your cupholder is smaller, the mount simply won’t fit. If it is larger, your tablet will likely jiggle around as you drive.

Tablet Car Mount #4: Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount Holder With 360-Degree Rotating Swivel

No products found.

Budget-friendly shoppers love the Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount Holder With 360-Degree Rotating Swivel. This mount clips to your vehicle’s air vent. For most vehicles, this mounting approach provides an effective way to use a tablet from either the driver’s or passenger’s seat. The Okra mount also has a lifetime warranty.

We don’t love vent-mounted tablet holders. Because vents are designed to move, your tablet may slouch during your drive. If you have a large tablet, you may roast, as your device blocks the flow of cooled air. 

Tablet Car Mount #5: Bestrix Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount Holder

No products found.

The last tablet car mount on our list is the Bestrix Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount Holder. This one mounts to the back of a headrest. As you have probably guessed, this makes the tablet viewable only from the backseat. Because we had front-seat functionality in mind when we created our list, this mount simply doesn’t cut it.

If you are looking for a backseat-mounted device, however, the Bestrix holder is hard to beat. The firm clips and rubber-coated finish make this holder optimal for busy families. In fact, you can entertain your children for hours without worry by simply letting them watch videos on your tablet while you drive.

The Verdict: The DigitlMobile Robust Seat Bolt Tablet Car Mount Is the Best Tablet Car Mount on the Market Today

In our opinion the best tablet car mount on the market today is the DigitlMobile tablet holder. Because this mount attaches to the inside of your vehicle with screws, you know it isn’t going to wiggle loose. If you are hesitant to screw into your car’s interior, you have options. Each of the mounts on our list get the job done.

Remember, the only way to safely operate your vehicle is to avoid distraction. Read through your tablet mount’s operator’s manual for safety tips before you leave the driveway.

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