What Are the Best Tablet Brands to Consider?

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Tablets are an amazing invention, and for many people, they have become the only piece of technology that they use. But which of the many tablet brands is right for you?

The top four brands are iPad by Apple, Galaxy Tab by Samsung, Surface Pro by Microsoft, and ZenPad by Asus. These four devices are all very different and depending on your needs, budget, and lifestyle; it’s likely that one will stand out as the obvious choice for you. In the following guide, we’ll look at why and which is best.

While there are other brands that you could consider, the vast majority of people will find that these are the most available and offer great value for money. These four tablet brands are popular and therefore tend to have a wide selection of apps, accessories, and guides online. But before you can choose, you need to do a little bit of research and self-reflection.

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Tablet Brands: Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do portability and size matter?

Depending on how you’re planning to use a tablet, the size and portability could be a huge factor. If you need to use it on the go or regularly take it to the office, having a smaller device which can slide into your bag could be an advantage. In which case, the mini iPad or even the Surface Pro could be a good choice.

On the flip side, if you know that the vast majority of the time you will be using your tablet at home or in a single place, size might not matter. A larger device could be much better because a bigger screen can make movies more enjoyable and using it easier. In which case, the Surface Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab are great choices.

2. What is your budget?

Tablets aren’t as expensive as most laptops or computers, but particularly brands can be very pricey. As a result, your budget is likely to play a critical role in which product you choose. Therefore, it’s wise to take some time to be realistic about your budget and figure out how much you can afford to spend before you start searching.

Cheap tablets can be very affordable, only costing a few hundred bucks. But the more expensive alternatives can be into the thousands of dollars, and when you add accessories, it can quickly become pricey. Be realistic about your spending and try not to overextend yourself for a device which most likely isn’t critical to your life.

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3. What are you hoping to use it for?

Depending on what you need to use the tablet for, one is likely to be better than the rest. The Microsoft Surface Pro, for example, is the leader when it comes to work, business and office related tasks. With applications like Excel and Powerpoint, it’s closer to a laptop or a desktop computer than most tablets.

On the flipside, devices like those by ASUS tend to be more consumer and recreational focused. As a result, they have plenty of fun apps which you can download from the Google Play Store, but there is less focus on work. Hence, it doesn’t come with pre-packaged accessories like a handy keyboard or a mouse and pointer.

The tasks that you need to accomplish will have a huge impact on which device is right for you and your family, which is why you need to think about this first. Being honest with yourself about your use behaviors is critical and will prevent you from getting a device that you don’t use. Similarly, the Surface Pro is the best all-around choice and is safest for most people.

You can use a tablet for:

  • Writing documents
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Surfing the web
  • Watching movies
  • Playing games

4. Do you need a keyboard?

If you’re planning to do extensive typing, whether as a writer or into Excel or another spreadsheet application, typing on a screen isn’t fun, not only is it slow, it can also hurt your fingers after a short period. Getting an additional keyboard that attaches to the device is critical, and therefore you should keep this in mind when you’re shopping.

The Surface Pro is the most obvious example because most if not all of them can come with a screen cover which folds out to become a keyboard. This keyboard is the most impressive that we’ve seen for a tablet. The iPad keyboards are okay, but they don’t have the same feel and responsiveness as those that Microsoft offers with their Surface Pro models.

5. Do you have young children?

If you have young kids that you want to entertain with a tablet, you should consider the different applications that are available on each device. In most cases, iPads have more child-friendly games, and therefore Apple takes the lead for most parents. However, the Galaxy Tab and ZenPad have Google Play Store which also has some games and fun apps.

​Tablet ​​Brands: iPad by Apple

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The most famous tablet in the world is the iPad. While it’s not the first of its kind, it took the market by storm and has revolutionized the way that we think about tablets. Before the iPad, they were primarily used by children as a replacement for laptops. However, in recent years they’ve become legitimate business tools for at home and in the office.

A CEO can run entire companies on an iPad, and with multiple outlets, they can now connect to monitors and projectors to help you to give presentations. The iPad is the most well-rounded of the devices when it comes to applications, but it doesn’t excel in any given area, which makes it okay at everything but not amazing in any single category.

For the average person, Apple is a brand to consider. While the products are expensive according to most expert users, they offer exceptional customer service. If you have any problems with an iPad, you can be confident that their team will look after you.

This same level of customer service isn’t available with all companies, with Microsoft having a reputation for having relatively poor support. However, you do pay steeply for this help, which is why Apple products are so expensive. Likewise, they aren’t as compatible with Windows and Microsoft products, making them less useful in work and business situations.

​Tablet ​​Brands: Galaxy Tab by Samsung

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The Galaxy Tab by Samsung is an interesting entry into the market because it’s relatively similar to the iPad in that it’s more for recreation than for work. However, the one area where it excels is in pleasure. If you’re watching movies or playing games, you want to be doing it on a Samsung device rather than on one from another company.

Samsung produces some of the best screens in the world, particularly in the mobile phone market. This technology is also in their tablets, which is why the Galaxy Tab has a huge screen and a beautiful picture, making moves resonate and look stunning even on a relatively small screen when compared to a TV.

However, the main drawback is that Samsung products are expensive and you’re unlikely to want to use the tablet for work, where the Microsoft Surface Pro excels. For parents and those looking to use a tablet for recreation, fun and occasional web surfing, Samsung is a great brand for you to consider.

​Tablet ​​Brands: Surface Pro by Microsoft

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The Surface Pro by Microsoft is the epitome of a work tablet. It’s optimized to perform like a laptop, but with the flexibility and portability of a touchscreen tablet. Within seconds you can transform your tablet into a fully functional computer with a keyboard, which is why this device is very popular on Wall Street and in big businesses.

If you plan to use your tablet for work regularly, you need to go with Microsoft and the Surface Pro. Other tablets don’t come close to this level of performance, especially in terms of productivity and the range of applications that are available. Plus, the Surface Pro offers good value for money when compared to laptops and other tablets.

It’s not the biggest tablet available, the Samsung and large iPads would probably win in that regard, but that means that the Surface Pro is portable. Despite having a full fold-out keyboard, it can easily fit into a small bag, and you could carry it between meetings without any stress. For work and business use, it’s a clear choice, and can be fun for the weekends too.

​Tablet ​​Brands: ZenPad by Asus

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Asus often gets disregarded because it doesn’t have the same larger than life brand image that Apple and Microsoft have. But for years they’ve been working away and quietly producing excellent quality laptops and computers for affordable prices that offer great value for money.

If you’re on a budget and need an entry-level tablet that can combine work and play, but without any excessive features, the ZenPad should be a consideration. We don’t think that it has the same beautiful UI of the iPad or the flexibility of the Surface Pro, but it sits in a great middle point where it’s an excellent choice for students or young professionals.

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