iPad Pro 12.9 : The Comprehensive Product Review

ipad pro 12.9

Apple has been a big name since the introduction of its first computer. Through the years, it has made an impact on the industry by introducing the famous iPod, iPhone and iPad. The company has a knack for making customers loyal and hooking them on the unique Apple technology. For some people, the only device is one with an apple on it.

The iPad line has gone through many transformations throughout the years. The most recent incarnation is the iPad Pro second generation. There are two options in this line. We want to talk about the iPad Pro 12.9. This tablet really stretches the limits and turns a typical tablet into a viable replacement for a laptop, allowing users more portability than ever.

Find out more about this tablet. Discover how it compares to others. See the good and the bad about it. Read through the specifications to get to know more about it. Get a complete picture of what to expect from the iPad Pro 12.9.

Information On the iPad

Apple has done very well with matching consumer need when it introduces new products. The company listens to what people want and delivers. When it comes to tablets, people are wanting something that is more functional. They want something that is highly portable, light and able to be used in multiple ways. With the iPad Pro line, consumers get just this in a 2-in-1 format.


The iPad was first put on the market in 2010. The newest option, the second-generation iPad Pro, was released in 2017. The iPad Pro 2 offers two size options, both of which are designed to make this easy to use as a laptop since the focus on this line really is to provide more computing options in the tablet.

What makes Apple truly unique is it is very exclusive. The iPad runs the iOS mobile operating system, which is also used on the iPhone. This operating system has its own app store and design. This is compared to Android, which is used by most competitors and uses the Google Play store for apps. For most people, there is a clear choice between the two, and they tend to stay loyal. However, Apple is very good at creating buzz and creating a good vibe about its products, which helps it to stay on top.

The iPad Pro 12.9 option is unique itself because it is the biggest tablet of the forerunners in this field. The size is exceptionally helpful for those who are aiming to use the tablet as a laptop more so than a tablet. Many convertible options fall short here and do not provide the screen size that makes it functional to use the tablet as a laptop.


The iPad Pro 12.9 provides you with the ultimate experience for converting from tablet mode to laptop. The screen size is ideal for computing and leaves you feeling as if you get that true laptop experience. In addition, you also get the exclusive Smart Connector, which allows you to connect a keyboard in one simple step. Just connect and work. It disconnects just as easily. These two points alone put the iPad ahead when it comes to offering the best experience in a 2-in-1 tablet and laptop.

You can choose from 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB when buying. The tablet has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.34 GHz CPU. For graphics, you get a 12-core PowerVR Series 7XT. It features dual-channel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. When making your purchase, you can choose to just get Wi-Fi connectivity or you can add cellular for additional functionality.

The screen is made for being on the go with all the different things that could pose problems. The antireflective coating means it is much easier to use this tablet anywhere without having to worry about glare. It also is smudge resistant thanks to the oleophobic coating. Plus, it has a scratch-resistant coating and is fully laminated. The resolution is 2732 x 2048 for sharp, clear images. You get LED backlighting and True Tone with a wide color display. The display has a 120 Hz refresh rate and ProMotion. It is also multi-touch and you can use stylus's with the product.

Finally, the camera is made to the highest standards to offer the quintessential Apple experience. It has some improvements worth noting, including noise reduction, local tone mapping and face detection. You get a six-element lens with a sapphire crystal lens cover and hybrid IR filter. It also has 3x digital zoom, auto HDR and a True Tone LED flash. The camera has exposure control, autofocus and 4K video recording. You can take advantage of some options as well when taking pictures or capturing video, including time lapse, slo-mo, burst mode and timer mode. It also offers panorama up to 63 MP. Lastly, it has backside illumination and geotagging.


You can buy the iPad Pro 12.9-inch device directly from Apple or from almost any retailer that sells electronic, computing or mobile products. The pricing is going to be fairly consistent no matter where you buy it, though. Sometimes a retailer may offer discounts or sales, but keep in mind that Apple products are known for being high priced. You may get a slight discount buying refurbished or used if you are looking to save some money. You can also get credit from Apple if you turn in an old device.

Do keep in mind that you can getting additional protection for accidental damage and access to technical support for two years by adding AppleCare. 


Comparison shopping can help you to ensure you buy the right product that meets your needs. Typically, you would compare products of the same price or within the same price range. However, when it comes to the iPad, it is more expensive than the competition. So, we were unable to make that comparison. We also ran into trouble trying to compare by size because nobody else makes a tablet as large as the iPad Pro 12.9. So, we settled on just comparing the iPad to its closest competitors.

No products found.

No products found.


12.9 inches




Apple Store

As the most expensive tablet on the list, there are high expectations. People who buy the iPad do so because they trust Apple and are loyal to the brand. Even those who do not have loyalty to the brand cannot help but notice all the good reviews Apple products get, which often helps to sway them to make the switch. Furthermore, Apple has amazing build quality and does a great job of making the tablet user-friendly. At this size, it also makes it very convenient to take advantage of the convertible feature and use this as a functional laptop.

No products found.

No products found.


10 inches


Windows 10


Microsoft Store

The Surface is a serious competitor to the iPad because it is designed to operate as a 2-in-1 as well. However, where this tablet lacks is the OS, which is bulky. This means it can lag and even slow down. It is nice for using Microsoft Office, though. Plus, Microsoft does have excellent build quality. It is smaller, though, with the 10-inch screen being the maximum size available. However, it does come with the keyboard, which will cost you extra with the iPad.

No products found.

No products found.


10.5 inches


Android 8.0


Google Play Store

The Galaxy Tab is not as popular as the iPad, but Samsung is respected for quality products. The smartphone in this line, for example, is a top seller. This tablet does have some good aspects, such as the long battery life and the amazing display. It also is lightweight. However, it does have low RAM, which could limit its function.

No products found.

No products found.


Seven inches




Amazon App Store

The Kindle does not function as a 2-in-1. It is really just a tablet. Any use as a laptop is limited. It also only comes in a maximum seven-inch screen. However, price-wise this is a bargain. Amazon also offers amazing specials from time to time that offer an even more discounted price. The Fire does have issues with running slow, but if you just want a tablet and don't want to spend a lot, it can be the best value.

Pros and Cons

Since the iPad is a pricey product, you want to be sure you are getting your money's worth. Knowing how people review this item is helpful. We wanted to compile the information we found in reading through countless user reviews of this product so you can see at a glance the pros and cons. We made sure that we ignored bias and took reviews with a grain of salt. Some people review items right after buying and do not take the time to go beyond initial opinions, which can cloud the review. Another common issue is people who review and rate products based on outside factors, such as delivery. This drags things down, too. We looked through reviews with these things in mind. We understand we had to weed through them to get to the truth. Below we present our findings stripped of bias and including only the most accurate information that give a true idea of the iPad Pro 12.9.


  • Screen size is great for multitasking and using this as a laptop
  • Fast processing
  • Beautiful display
  • Smooth operation
  • Great sound
  • HDR support


  • Expensive
  • Won't match everyone's laptop needs
  • Charging is slow unless you buy an upgraded charger
  • Cannot use an external mouse
  • Apple products do tend to slow when new models are introduced


The only real downside to the iPad Pro 12.9 is the cost. However, when buying an Apple product, you know you will pay more. This brand gets away with higher pricing, though, because it delivers. When we look to the competition, they all have some operating issues. Apple does well with producing a product that functions as it should with minimal issues.

The iPad is fast. It runs smoothly. It is built to function well in either tablet or laptop mode. The operating system isn't bulky, which helps with the speed and overall function. It also is user friendly. Furthermore, people like the iOS. They are often very familiar with it and feel comfortable using it. Plus, Apple does a good job of connecting to its customers in a way that instills trust. People know when they buy an Apple product that they can believe in the product.

The only hesitation we have about the iPad Pro 2 is that a new version is expected soon. Typically, when Apple introduces a new version of a product, the older versions run slower and begin having issues. At this price point, it should really be expected that the product will last for a long time and not have these issues. While we cannot say this will happen, it is a good idea to be aware of the possibility.

Overall, though, we do recommend the iPad Pro 2 in the 12.9-inch size if you want a true convertible tablet. It does provide great functionality as a laptop. While it may not meet everyone's needs, it should do a pretty good job for most people.

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