LG v700: A Comprehensive Product Specifications Review

lg v700

LG is a multinational electronics company that has its headquarters in South Korea. The company produces products for home entertainment, home appliance and air solutions, vehicle components, and mobile communications. LG  Electronics is the second largest manufacturer of televisions worldwide. The company was founded originally as GoldStar and was founded after the Korean War in order to provide the country with consumer electronics that were produced domestically.

The first radios, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and televisions in South Korea were produced by GoldStar. A merger took place between LG Cable and Lucky Chemical, which changed the name of the corporation to Lucky-Goldstar. Later, the company settled on LG Electronics as the name that would continue forward with the brand.

If you are interested in an LG tablet device or a device from another brand, the first step should be to set a limit for yourself that you would feel comfortable paying for the device. You should not exceed this maximum that you set for yourself, as staying within your budget can help you to narrow down the devices out there to find the best one for you. Before you even begin to look at different models, filter your search results to only show those that are within your budget.

You should also look for tablets that have features that you believe you would enjoy or use in your daily activities. If you need your tablet for productivity reasons, it may do well to search for tablets that include a detachable keyboard. For the visual artists out there, tablets that include pens may be a good place to start. Another feature that may be a deal breaker for some users is the size of the screen. This should be kept in mind during your search.

Product FAQs

What Is an LG V700?

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The LG V700 is a tablet computer that contains a touchscreen and is primarily used for personal computing while on the go. Tablets can generally connect through Wi-Fi for an internet connection; however, some models come equipped with a data plan much like your smartphone’s plan.

The size of a tablet’s screen can range from 7 inches to 11 inches. The larger size lends itself well to the productivity apps for tablet devices and other activities that may not be best suited for small cellular phone screens. Additionally, with a tablet, you have most of the functionality of a personal computer or laptop with improved portability.

What Does an LG V700 Do?

Tablet computers are capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Many are used to stream movies, television shows, or music. Others are used more often to play games downloaded from the app store. Some are mainly used for browsing the web and catching up on all of the latest social media, and more still are used for productivity purposes. There are a variety of different tablets out there that include or have accessories such as detachable Bluetooth keyboards that can assist you when you convert your tablet from mobile mode to laptop mode.

These types of accessories help to transform the tablet computer into a device that is great for note-taking, writing papers, drafting emails, or any other word processing that you may need to do. Most of these devices also include both rear and forward-facing cameras as well as external speakers and auxiliary jacks for cameras that suit these devices for video chat and other social platforms.

How Does It Work?

Typically, tablets operate like a combination of a laptop computer and a smartphone, as they both use microprocessors that allow the devices to perform functions and operates like the brain of the device. Additionally, these devices have rechargeable batteries that generally can last from eight to 10 hours.

Accelerometers and gyroscopes will also likely be included in the devices so that it is able to sense motion. These capabilities are used by games and augmented reality applications. A graphics processor in the tablet also displays all of the information inside of the tablet on its touchscreen.

There is a flash memory in the tablet that stores your data in order to allow quick access to it when you need to find it. The touchscreen of the tablet is brought to life by a controller chip that recognizes touch by capacitive or resistive measures. Capacitive systems can detect electrical field changes while resistive screens detect input from pressure. Most resistive screens use a stylus for navigation.

How We Reviewed

We understand that the purchase of a new tablet will not be an impulse buy, and because of this, we recognize that it is imperative for us to offer honest and accurate information when it comes to these products. We believe that it is important for you to understand our review process as well. First, we research these products down to their most minute detail. All of this combined allows us to gain a clear and well-rounded understanding of the nature of the product.

How it Compares

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Key Features

The LG V700 has a 10.1-inch display that is large enough to handle all of the tasks that you throw at it, and the 8,000 mAh battery keeps the tablet running for hours. The V700 features Q Pair 2.0 that lets you pair your tablet with your Android phone which allows you to receive and respond to texts and calls right from your tablet. The LG V700 also has multitasking abilities with Dual Windows. This allows you to split the screen into two sections and have two different apps open simultaneously, even allowing drag and dropping content from one to the other.

  • The 1.2 GHz processor gives this tablet snappy performance.
  • Knock Code gives you access to your home through the use of Smart Locks and over 86,000 other products.
  • The LG V700 has an adaptive keyboard that molds to your own writing style.
  • The LG V700 does not include a paper manual, which may be frustrating for some users.

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Key Features

The Galaxy Tab S3 includes an S Pen that you will never need to charge. The tablet includes four speakers that calibrate as you move the device and a detachable keyboard for the times where you need to be productive. The Galaxy Tab S3 gives you an AMOLED display with improved contrast, and with just three hours of charging, you’ll get 12 hours of power. Additionally, the 13-megapixel camera takes vivid photos, and the 5 MP front camera is ideal for video chatting.


  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has an expandable memory up to 432 total gigabytes.
  • The Snapdragon processor gives this tablet a fair amount of power which is great for mobile gamers.
  • You can take calls and get phone notifications on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with Samsung Flow.


  • Some issues with the fingerprint scanner working intermittently.

The Verdict

Overall, the LG V700 is a reasonably powered tablet with some interesting features that users will definitely enjoy, such as the Q Pair 2.0 that lets you receive phone calls and messages on your tablet. The multitasking ability with Dual Window is also a nice touch and is a particularly useful feature for users who need the tablet for productivity. Additionally, if you are working your way toward making your home a smart home, the LG V700 can lock and unlock your doors with Knock Code.

The one major drawback for the LG V700 is that it is no longer available in the retail market, and for those who are interested in the device, you will have to find a way through second-hand communities. As a result, some users may have a better experience looking for another tablet with similar capabilities. However, for those who are willing to keep an eye out on Amazon and eBay, the LG V700 is definitely an option to consider if you are in search of a reasonably priced 10-inch tablet. The LG V700 performs well enough all around to function in many different ways for different types of users.

If you’re interested in furthering your tablet search, it is always a good idea to look at the user reviews that are on the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to view both positive and negative reviews in order to gain a well-rounded view of the item.

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